Moving forward regardless of vaccination and variants.

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Give me a science word, any science word, and I’ll show you how the root of that word is Greek… and then I’ll add a Greek letter on the end

One of the things many students new to biomedical science, particularly immunology, find frustrating and difficult is the extensive use of Greek letters. I remember one master’s student telling me he hated immunology specifically because of the excessive Greek nomenclature. Seemingly everything you deal with has multiple Greek aspects.


Part 3: Metallica Before and After Bob Rock

A statistical analysis of feel and closing remarks.

Photo by Anton Corbijn scanned from inside Death Magnetic liner.

In the first installment, I discussed how Bob Rock-produced Metallica albums had shorter songs but more of them, and analyzed how different they were from the previous and subsequent Metallica iteration.

Then in the previous section, I dissected where within Metallica songs Bob Rock’s influence exerted its cutting. …

Part 2: Metallica before and after Bob Rock

A statistical analysis of Metallica song sections.

Photo by Ross Halfin scanned from …And Justice For All liner.

This is the second part of my Bob Rock and Metallica trilogy.

In the last installment, I discussed how Rock simultaneously added and subtracted length from Metallica albums. If you didn’t read that, you can find it here. …

Part 1: Metallica before and after Bob Rock

A statistical analysis of song number and length.

Photo by Kevin Hodapp scanned from Kill ’Em All back sleeve.

This Fall marked the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s eponymous album, colloquially known as “The Black Album.”

That album sold 30 million copies, spawned five singles, and launched Metallica into the highest upper echelon of musical acts. It is the Metallica album that pretty much everyone likes at least something from…

Thirty years later, I’ve come to appreciate the movement and the music.

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In high school, there was an ongoing war between two similar yet critically different groups. To an outsider, these groups probably looked indistinguishable, yet there were clear differentiating signs to those of us in one of them. It could have been the shoes or boots being worn, the specific way…

Sometimes one or two shots just isn’t enough, and that’s okay.

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Last month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the third dose of both mRNA COVID vaccines, for immunocompromised individuals. I’m not going to get into the conspiracy theories about why the FDA, CDC, NIH, or vaccine manufacturers may want to push third doses for everyone, which will happen. What…

afghanam: Lies, hubris, and egos

The attacks on September 11th changed my life in ways I couldn’t foresee

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September 11, 2001; ~8:30 a.m. central standard time

My phone rings:

Me: “Hello.”

Sam: “Are you watching TV right now?”

Me: “No, I was sleeping. Why?”

Sam: “Turn on the TV.”

Me: “Why?”

Sam: “Just turn on the TV, you’ll see.”

Me: “Ok, what channel?”

Sam: “It doesn’t matter.”


But here’s why I’m not disappointed with the vaccine.

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*Author’s note: Here I make some guesses and generalizations about my own health and experiences regarding what I suspect happened. The only broadly applicable points herein with supporting data are that vaccinated individuals do better following SARS-CoV-2 infection and almost certainly infect fewer people.

I participated in one of the…

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Professional Scientist, Amateur Historian, Poor-Mans Philosopher, probably some unsavory things as well.

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